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Sometimes All I Need is Me, Kirkus Review!

When I wrote this book, it felt like a way to self soothe while I was facing the challenge of relying on myself through hard times. I could hear my own voice of support for the first time in many years, and what started as a sort of illustrated diary, ended up being my biggest dream come true.

I received this review from Kirkus and I couldn't hold my tears. I kept wondering, when and how all these wonderful things happened, life has been so good to me. I can only say that when we create from love, it all comes back multiplied.

Thank you for my many blessings. Thank you to all the team who worked so hard in making this possible:

Erica Rand Silverman, Melanie Cordova, Stimola Literary Studio, Candlewick Press.

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.


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